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My son says if you don't decide to take action right now, he says to remember this one thing "always keep your goals in front of you and take massive action."
David Virgin (My Son)
-Video Producer
I remember growing up poor in the south side of Houston, Texas. It was tough because my parents always seemed to just be able to "get by" financially and it sucked the life out of us.

It wasn't until my 2 young children were staring at me directly in the eyes one day when I decided to stop fu****g around and take action. I had to change not only my life and financial future, but also the future of my children.

From that day forward I started using the internet to market my products in such a sexy way that the money literally continues flowing into my accounts 24 hours a day.

Can you imagine what your life will look like when you have money pouring into your bank account on a daily basis from your online sales?

The "Online Millionaire Mastery" course is perfect for you because it will teach you how to do that above and so much more! Get your copy now.
How To Become A Self-Made Online Millionaire

Learn From A Mentor

You can get onto the fast track of becoming a millionaire by learning from a millionaire...

Commit To Millions

You must fully commit to becoming a millionaire and not just want to be one...

Take Massive Action

The difference between average people and rich people is the level of action...

Invest Into Yourself

Continually invest into yourself by getting the latest cutting edge knowledge...
Regular Price $597  Today $29
Price Increases To $47 When The Timer Expires
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REVEALED: The Insider Secrets Of The Richest & Most Successful Online Marketers In The World
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This was so easy to do, even my my 9 year old son David said online millionaire mastery was the easiest course he has ever taken, and now he teases me because he doesn't have to work nor goto college, because he has an online offer that pays him 5 figures a month to play video games.

 And even if you don't decide to take action right now & buy the course, David says to remember this one thing "always read and keep your goals in front of you, as you decide to take massive action daily, on what's in front of you." - david
David Virgin (My Son)
-My Little Video Guy

 I have no idea how you got to this website.

Maybe you got here from a video you watched on youtube.

Maybe you're a broke teenager, or a  young 20 year old 8-5 grinder 

or maybe you're just a pissed off desperate guy or gal over the age of 30

Whose sick of tired of being treated like crap,  living like a slave at your JOB (Just Over Broke)

Well it doesn't matter..

I'm going to demonstrate and reveal secrets to you, right on this page

how easy it is for you to earn $10,000 every single month in the next 45 days

even if you're like me, who was dumb as a door knob without a pot to piss in

It will work if you have a phone, ipad or a computer.

but like I said, I'm not sure how you got here,

Maybe you read my latest feature in Forbes 

or maybe you've attended one of my "$10,000 in 45 day" seminars around the world

or Maybe a friend whispered in your ear and told you to buy the course 

because it's simple, easy to follow and 93% of people who take the course

earns between $5k to $10k in the first 30 days of getting access to the members area

Or Perhaps you stumbled onto this page by pure dumb luck.

 But, however you got here, 

Let me whisper this in your right ear,

You have arrived at what is, without a doubt, 

the most easiest course on the entire Internet to earn $10,000 per month without spending a dime on ads or marketing

And if you can simply copy and paste using your phone, laptop, ipad or computer - 

you'll be like Amy and 10s of thousands of other people who are now a happy 5 figure per month earners 

but cool thing is that it only took these people, 4 weeks and 5 days to do it.

And I get it..

You don't think you're smart enough

You think you're too old

You're not a techy person

Or you are just too busy to do anything right now

And You think you've tried everything

Bull $shit!

Listen I  grew up average almost poor living in Houston Texas

And if you or your parents struggled like me,

I'm sure you remember how tough It was growing up, 

and even though my parents look like fancy people in the picture to your right 

they only earned $20,000 per year & were pastors of a small church in the poorest parts of Houston Texas

And don't get my wrong, I love my parents and I'm sure they did their best to provide.

But It always felt like we were barely able to "get by" financially 

and honestly it sucked the happiness & life out of me.

Can you relate?

And eventhough it was stupid to think like this, 

I use to Think to myself, 

why couldn't my father be one of those fancy Rich and pastors like T D Jakes and Joel Osteen

But fortunate for me, (you'll see why in a second)

My father was a good man, and he felt using his ministry for profit wasn't right nor ethical

But to be honest I was a slow learner and complete screw up in my 20's and 30's 

I went to jail a few time for silly offenses like Driving While Suspended and to make things worse

I dropped out of college, 

filed bankruptcy, 

wrote bad checks to feed me and my children, 

My cars got repoed, 

I've been evicted several times, 

My credit was shot to hell,

I even joined and got kicked out of the military,

because I wanted to live my life and do things my way

Ever felt like that?

Have you ever felt like you were sick and tired of bosses, parents and other authority figures pushing you around,

Forcing you to do things you didn't want to do.

Well I was right there, in the muddy puddle of my misery.

But it only got worse,

The worse feeling I've ever felt, took place in the summer of 2014,

And even-though it changed my life, it was the most horrific feeling I wouldn't wish on anyone, 

not even my worse enemy,

And by now, every parent, hard working man and woman teenager who is drowning in bills & reading this right now, 

Can relate to the pain of not being able to bless your parents, family, loved ones or children 

with the very best "cream of the crop" life they deserve to have..
But I remember like it was yesterday

It was the summer of 2014, and my children came to stay with me for the summer..

And that day I was busy & disgusted working at my 9 to 5 and I was tired as hell

But when I arrived home, my babies ran to me and wrapped their little arms around my waist

And said, Daddy you're home!

And all my babies wanted was a simple happy meal from Mcdonalds 

So we jumped in my 1988 Honda Accord and pulled up to Mcdonalds,

 I ordered a #1 and 2 cheese burger happy meals

But when we pulled up to the drive thru window, 

the most embarrassing thing took place in my life..

When I gave my credit card to the attendee, My debit card declined for a $17 transaction.

Nervously I pulled out my pre paid credit card and again it was declined

But that wasn't the worse part.

As we left the parking lot without my children's happy meals, 

I looked through the rear view mirror and I could see the sad faces of my children

And as My children stared back at me with tears in their eyes, I was torn to pieces

And even though I was a grown man with a job,

 I couldn't afford a god darn happy meal from Mcdonalds.

And on that devastating day, in the Mcdonald parking lot, I put my hand over my face and cried like a baby

And I turned around and looked at my kids dead in their eyes, and I said Never again!

Never again will daddy not have the money to give you what you deserve to have.


 And on that day, I decided to stop fu****g around and I took massive action.

any by stop fu***ing around I mean.

I stopped drinking!
I stop chasing women!
I stop telling my children broken promises!
I stopped waisting my life in clubs and bars!
I stop playing video games!
I stopped watching ESPN and sportscenter!
I stopped blaming other people for my pissy life!
And I stopped using FEAR as an excuse to not pursue my dreams!

And just like you..

It wasn't about me changing my life,

I had to change my life for my baby girls and the folks who raised me.

And From that day forward, 

I spent the next 7 years and thousands of dollars scouring the internet buying $1000 internet courses

And it wasn't about what I had to do, it was about WHY I had to do it..

And my emotional why was my two baby girls who deserved the best from me

So I began to buy courses and weed out the BS and discovered rapid internet secrets to creating an online digital products faster and easier, even with no experience 

So fast I made $1 million dollars in 45 days FLAT 

and to reward myself I spent a whopping $250,000 on my dream car and slapped the plate billion on it because that's my next goal 

and all this happened from the exact blueprint that you'll see for yourself on this page 

and not to be the bearer of bad news,

but only a handful of people made their first million by doing this

But  I was surprised and shocked when I read 10s of thousands of emails from single mothers, frustrated fathers, teenagers and baby boomers 

who all saw 4 to 5 figures per month in less than 60 days after doing this,

and even-though I'm grateful for the ton of newbies, 

just like you, 

who've earn a minimum of $10,000 in 45 days 

It's almost a 100% guarantee that this will work for anyone 

Who is willing to commit, try and discover secrets that are not public

Imagine wearing the "I Fired My Boss" T Shirt by leaving your job and kicking your boss to the curb next month

Picture waking up and getting out of your bed when you feel like 

How would you feel to see the beautiful smiles on your children's faces 

because you are able to take them to school every morning

Can you imagine what your life will look and feel like when you have money pouring into your bank account every minute, while you and your family fly first class around the world?

What would you do with the money?

Who would you help?

Where would you travel?

What close family member would you bless and retire for the rest of their lives?

For me.. It was retiring my mom and dad and buying them a brand new Mercedes S560, just by applying the same techniques and strategies in the online millionaire mastery course.

Amy said,

"I almost did not buy this course, but when the thought about staying at my miserable job for another 5 years, I chose to get the course and buy everything and  I  soon realized the Online Millionaire Mastery course is perfect for newbies, and you don't need any tech skills, and there was no need to be an expert for this to work! I had to get it."

But wait..  Before you Get your copy right now - here's what you get
Retired my mom and dad and bless them with a car
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"My brother told me about Wesley and he said, do this now, I did it, but I had no clue I was going to see these type of results so fast, life is good!" Noah King

Picture Daily Deposits In Your Bank Account & Instantly Enjoying The Life Of Your Dreams


Ready To See How Soon & Easy You Can Earn $10,000 Per Month In 45 Days Flat? Lets gooooo!!!

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Before The Class Sells Out

Yes, I understand that I'm enrolling in Wesley Virgin's Online Millionaire Course
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What devices does this work on?
Online Millionaire mastery is a web-based, so it works on every device out there. All you need is an internet connection.

Do I need any tech skills or experience?
Nope! We’ve done everything to make Online Millionaire mastery incredibly user-friendly, even for complete beginners. Many of our beta testers had no online marketing experience and are already getting great results.

Are there any monthly costs or fees?
None at all! Premium hosting is included, and the traffic is 100% free. This is a close to a ‘pure profit’ income model as you’ll get.

How long does it take to set up?
Max 30 minutes if you watch the get-started videos first.
As little as 60 seconds if you have some previous marketing experience.

How easy is this to earn my first $10,000 in 45 days?
Easier than ANY other system we’ve ever seen!
Because with a click of a button, we will mail your offer to my list of 200,000 buyers, so you'll have an immediate pay day, the average person earns $5,000 - $10,000 in the first 24 to 48hrs of mailing.

As the system grows your list & free traffic continues to build, Online Millionaire mastery scales practically hands-free for you.
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